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The definition of word "overall":
+1 rate 1. overalls, one piece garment made of trousers and a piece of cloth that covers the chest and has shoulder straps (originally worn to protect clothes while working)
+1 rate 2. in general, generally
rate 3. adjective All inclusive; comprehensive. For example: What our department needs is an overall revamping of our undergraduate curriculum.
rate 4. comprehensive; extensive
rate 5. adj (before noun), (adv) (not gradable) in general rather than in particular, or including all the people or things in a particular group or situation The overall situation is good, despite a few minor problems. There have been lots of negative news stories, the overall effect of which has been to make the President appear uncertain and weak. She is the overall commander of three divisions of troops. The overall winner, after ten games, will receive $250 000. There were a couple of lectures that I thought were a bit dull but overall it was a really good week.
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