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The definition of word "violet":
+2 rate 1. having a purple color; resembling a violet
rate 2. purple color; any of a number of herbaceous plants that usually have irregular purple flowers (but occasionally have white, blue, or yellow flowers)
rate 3. born February 10, 1927, Laurel, Miss., United States U.S. soprano. She was trained at the Juilliard School. After her debut in a revival of Four Saints in Three Acts in 1952, she made her name in the international tour of Porgy and Bess (1953–55). She sang in Aïda at Milan's La Scala in 1960 and made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1961. Price was one of the Met's most popular stars for more than two decades and was the first African American singer to achieve an international reputation in opera. She gave her farewell performance of Aïda at the Met in 1985 but continued to give recitals.
rate 4. orig. Joan (Violet) Maurice; born October 31, 1903, Camberley, Surrey, Eng. died August 5, 1983, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire; British economist. A professor at the University of Cambridge (1931–71), she helped develop Keynesian theory, establishing her reputation in 1933 with The Economics of Imperfect Competition, in which she analyzed distribution and allocation, dealing particularly with the concept of exploitation. In the 1940s she began to incorporate aspects of Marxism into her work. Her unorthodox views and sympathy with noncapitalist systems; including China's, on which she wrote three books; involved her in controversy throughout her career.
rate 5. joint pseudonym of Edith Anna Oenone Somerville and Violet Florence Martin; born May 2, 1858, Corfu, Greece; died October 8, 1949, Castlehaven, County Cork, Ire.; born June 11, 1862, Ross House, County Galway, Ire. died Dec. 21, 1915, Cork, County Cork; Irish cousins and writers. Somerville and Martin met in 1886; three years later they published their first novel, An Irish Cousin, under the names E.˜. Somerville and Martin Ross. They cowrote a total of 14 books, including a collection of short stories, Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. (1899), that, with its sequels, was their most popular work. Their works wittily and sympathetically portrayed Irish society in the late 19th century. After Martin's death, Somerville continued to write under the joint name.
rate 6. Any of the approximately 500 species of herbaceous plants or low shrubs that make up the genus Viola, which includes the small, solid-coloured violets and the larger-flowered, often multicoloured violas and pansies. Many Viola species have two types of flowers: the showy spring flower is infertile; the less conspicuous summer flower is self-fertilizing. The best-known species of Viola have heart-shaped leaves. The popular florist's violets, consisting of several hybrids (many of them V. odorata), are usually called sweet violets. The family Violaceae, to which Viola belongs, has members worldwide; they are typically small trees and shrubs that grow as low vegetation beneath the taller trees of forests. The so-called African violet belongs to the gesneriad family.
rate 7. African violet
rate 8. dogtooth violet
rate 9. Price Mary Violet Leontyne
rate 10. Robinson Joan Violet
rate 11. Joan Violet Maurice
rate 12. Edith Anna Oenone Somerville and Violet Florence Martin;
rate 13. P L A N T (n) a small plant with pleasant-smelling purple, blue or white flowers
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