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The definition of word "support":
+2 rate 1. uphold, prop, brace; bear, carry; encourage; financially assist, provide for; substantiate, corroborate, affirm
rate 2. A horizontal price range where price hovers due to buying pressure before attempting a downward move.
rate 3. act of supporting, act of holding up; prop, brace; economic assistance, upkeep; encouragement, aid
rate 4. object (P R O V I D E) (v) to provide (someone or something) with money or physical things that they need, esp. in order to continue to exist If you support a person, you give them the money they need in order to buy food and clothes and pay for somewhere to live. My parents supported me while I was at college. He has a wife and four children to support. She has no children to support her in her old age. The land is so poor here that it cannot support (= provide enough food and water for) any crops. If you support an activity or a habit, you provide the money needed to pay for it. The drug company is supporting cancer research. I don't know how they manage to support their expensive lifestyle. Some drug addicts turn to crime in order to support their habit.
rate 5. Any operation by a vessel assisting fishing by foreign or national vessels, including supplying water, fuel, provisions, fish processing equipment, or other supplies to a fishing vessel.
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Conjugation of the verb "support":
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Expressions containing "support":
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