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The definition of word "spice":
+1 rate 1. anagram epics
rate 2. aromatic vegetable substance used to season food, flavoring; aromatic odor, fragrance; something which adds zest or interest
rate 3. flavor with a spice, add a spice to; add zest to, make interesting
rate 4. n - (a) powder or seeds from a plant used to flavour food. There are various types of spice. Cinnamon, ginger and cloves are all spices. Spices are widely used in Indian cooking. The aroma of herbs and spices came from the kitchen. She seasoned the mulled wine with spices. This curry needs a bit more spice. He added spice to the stew. Spice can also mean excitement or interest. The performance was rather lacking in spice. The team's new striker has certainly added spice to their play. He added spice to the story by making up a few things that weren't true. She complained that the spice had gone from her marriage.
rate 5. the "spice of spices", the crop for which Arrakis is the unique source. The spice, chiefly noted for its geriatric qualities, is mildly addictive when taken in small quantities, severely addictive when imbibed in qualities above two grams daily per seventy kilos of body weight. Muad'Dib claimed the spice as a key to his prophetic powers. Guild navigators make similar claims. Its price on the Imperial market has ranged as high as 620,000 solaris the decagram.
rate 6. Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
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