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The definition of word "socket":
rate 1. hollow part, cavity; opening into which the end of a light bulb is inserted; concave part that receives another part (Anatomy); wall socket; device which transfers input and output on a network (Computers)
rate 2. n the part of esp. a piece of electrical equipment into which another part fits I really need a double socket so I can use the kettle and the radio at the same time. He had forgotten to plug the television into the wall/ (UK) mains socket. The air freshener plugs into a car's lighter socket. See pictures: Plugs and sockets, Lights Some parts of the body into which other parts fit are referred to as sockets. a tooth/eye socketa ball-and-socket joint like the hip joint A socket set is a set of metal tools of different sizes, which fix onto one handle and are used to fasten and unfasten nuts on pieces of equipment. See picture: Tools
rate 3. A hollow part or piece adapted or contrived to receive and hold something. As a tool, it is usually barrel-shaped.ball joint, cigar lighter, socket wrench, and spark plug socket.
rate 4. petroleum industry A hollow object or open device that fits or holds an object.
rate 5. petroleum industry Any of several fishing tools used to grip the outside of a lost tool or a joint of pipe.
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