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The definition of word "reverse":
+1 rate 1. opposite, contrary; back side, rear; setback, misfortune, defeat; gear or mechanism that drives movement in a direction opposite to the normal direction; area printed with a light design on a dark background (Printing)
+1 rate 2. overturn, flip; invert, transpose; cause to move backward; cause to move in the opposite direction; revoke, cancel, annul; change, alter
rate 3. anagram reserve
rate 4. anagram severer
rate 5. having the back side exposed to view; opposite, contrary; moving or behaving in a manner opposite to the norm
rate 6. bowling An emphatic backup.
rate 7. n I win at chess by doing the reverse of what my opponent expects. The teachers say my son is slow but I believe the reverse (is true) . To stop the engine you repeat the same procedures, but in reverse (order) . To drive a vehicle backwards you must put it in/into reverse (gear) . (figurative) The trend towards home ownership has gone into reverse (= the opposite of this is now true) . (formal) A reverse is a defeat or failure. They suffered a serious military/financial/political reverse. The reverse of a coin, medal, etc. is the back of it: The English £1 coin has a royal coat of arms on the reverse. Reverse discrimination (UK and ANZ also positive discrimination) is when an advantage is given to people who are typically thought to be treated unfairly, usually because of their race or sex.
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