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The definition of word "pleasure":
rate 1. cause someone enjoyment, provide someone else with a pleasurable experience
rate 2. enjoyment, amusement, entertainment; delight, joy
rate 3. n - (something that gives) enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction His visits used to give his grandparents such pleasure. It's quite common for little boys to take pleasure in torturing insects and small animals. " I'm off to the States next week. " " Oh, business or pleasure?" " It was such a pleasure to meet you," she said politely. (U + to infinitive) Seeing him again was a real pleasure for me. $100? Oh it's worth it for the pleasure of hearing Domingo sing. He'd written an article on the pleasures and pains of camping. I hope they don't make me give up smoking - it's one of my few pleasures. " It was so kind of you to give us a lift. " " Please don't mention it - it was a/my pleasure (= it was no trouble and I was very willing to do it) . "" Would you mind holding the door open for me, please?" " Oh, with pleasure (= willingly) . " (UK legal) Someone who is put in prison at the King's/ Queen's pleasure is kept there until it is officially decided that it is safe to release them. He was declared insane and ordered to be detained in a mental hospital at Her Majesty's pleasure.
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Tags: pleasure, αρέσκεια, διασκέδαση, ευχαρίστηση, ευχαρίστηση, ηδονή, χαρά, ψυχαγωγία
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