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The definition of word "net":
rate 1. Part of the Domain Name that indicates that the company is an organisation that provides a network service - usually an Internet Service Provider.
rate 2. radio A group of stations that meet on a specified frequency at a certain time. The net is organized and directed by a net control station, who calls the net to order, recognizes stations entering and leaving the net, and authorizes stations to transmit.
rate 3. anagram ten
rate 4. economy Net payments by businesses to persons, government, and the rest of the world for which no current services are performed.
rate 5. economy Consists of payments to the Federal government in the form of premiums for deposit insurance, fees for regulatory and inspection activities, and fines; payments to state and local governments in the form of fines, tobacco settlements, and donations; and net insurance settlements paid to governments as policyholders.
rate 6. economy Consists of net insurance settlements and income payments by businesses to persons for which no current services are performed.
rate 7. economy Net insurance settlements paid to the rest of the world as policyholders. Excludes taxes paid by domestic corporations to foreign governments.
rate 8. economy Cash or in-kind transfers to foreigners that are linked to the acquisition or disposition of a fixed asset.
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