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The definition of word "net":
rate 1. Part of the Domain Name that indicates that the company is an organisation that provides a network service - usually an Internet Service Provider.
rate 2. radio A group of stations that meet on a specified frequency at a certain time. The net is organized and directed by a net control station, who calls the net to order, recognizes stations entering and leaving the net, and authorizes stations to transmit.
rate 3. anagram ten
rate 4. economy Net payments by businesses to persons, government, and the rest of the world for which no current services are performed.
rate 5. economy Consists of payments to the Federal government in the form of premiums for deposit insurance, fees for regulatory and inspection activities, and fines; payments to state and local governments in the form of fines, tobacco settlements, and donations; and net insurance settlements paid to governments as policyholders.
rate 6. economy Consists of net insurance settlements and income payments by businesses to persons for which no current services are performed.
rate 7. economy Net insurance settlements paid to the rest of the world as policyholders. Excludes taxes paid by domestic corporations to foreign governments.
rate 8. economy Cash or in-kind transfers to foreigners that are linked to the acquisition or disposition of a fixed asset.
rate 9. mesh-like fabric; web, network; (Sports) strip or structure of netting used in games (such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.); web used to catch fish; trap, snare; network of interconnected computers
rate 10. trap, snare; make a net profit, make a profit after expenses
rate 11. after expenses, after deductions, total, final (about weight, profit, etc.)
rate 12. an open fabric of thread, cord or wire, the intersections of which are looped or knotted so as to form a mesh. Nets are primarily used for fishing. The early stages in the manufacture and use of nets are difficult to trace because materials were perishable and tools simple, but there is strong evidence that nets were employed by the hunter-gatherers of southern Europe from Upper Paleolithic times. Primitive netting was fabricated with thread or cord made from a wide range of vegetable fibres (bark, bast, leaves, roots and stems) and animal tissues (hide, sinew, hair, intestine and baleen). Modern nets, generally machine-made, are composed either of vegetable fibres (such as cotton, hemp, flax, manila and sisal) or of man-made fibres (such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene). The man-made fibres are inherently rotproof, whereas vegetable fibres must be treated against rot with substances such as tar. The primary types of net used for fishing are drift nets, surrounding (encircling or encompassing) nets and trap nets. Drift netswhich include gill and trammel nets used at the surface and bottom-set nets used on the seabedcapture fish by entangling them. Gill and trammel nets are used principally to catch herring and salmon and are the most common drift nets. In commercial fishing, a long fleet of drift nets, often several miles in length, is suspended vertically with a line of corks or other floats at the top and a line of lead weights at the bottom. Adjustable floats maintain the net at the desired depth and lighted marker buoys are placed at intervals. These nets are dropped from a ship at sunset because they can be seen by the fish if dropped during daylight. After the boat anchors, the net drifts all night. As a fish attempts to swim through a gill net, its head penetrates the mesh and a section of twine slips under its gill cover, entangling it. The trammel net, on the other hand, is composed of two outer panels of large-mesh netting enclosing an inner panel of finer netting. It entangles the fish in pockets formed by the passing of the inner net through the mesh of the outer net. Surrounding nets are fine, heavy nets that capture fish by encircling them. Seine nets, trawls, dredges and long lines are all varieties of surrounding nets. Of these, the most widely used are the seine and the trawl. Beach or drag, seines can be hauled onto a beach with their contents; others, called purse seines, are operated from boats in deep water far from the shore. A steel cable that runs through rings at the bottom of the purse seine is pulled up to close the net. Seine nets (also known as ring or round, nets) are used to catch sardines, herring, pilchards, salmon and tuna. The other principal form of surrounding net is the trawl, a bag-shaped net that is dragged by a specialized vessel (trawler) along the bottom of the sea or in midwater. Trawls are used to catch cod, haddock, plaice and sole, which are trapped in the net when it is pulled to the surface. Trap nets are stationary nets that are staked to the shore or in estuaries. They form a labyrinth-like chamber into which fish can easily enter and from which they cannot easily escape. Salmon, trout and eels are the principal catch. Although nets are primarily used in commercial fishing, they also are used in land capture of animals (birds, butterflies and much larger animals) and they have many uses in industry, sports and horticulture.
rate 13. L E F T O V E R, UK also nett (adj) (before or after noun; not gradable) left when there is nothing else to be subtracted I earn £15 000 gross, but my net income (= income that is left after tax has been paid) is about £12 000. The savings account pays interest at 8%, or 6% net to basic-rate taxpayers. The net weight of something excludes the weight of the material that it is packed in. This bar of chocolate weighs 100 grams net. (figurative) The net result (= result after everything has been considered) of the changes will be increased fares and reduced services for most rail travellers. Compare gross (T O T A L) .
rate 14. The gain or loss on a security sale as measured by the selling price of a security less the adjusted cost of acquisition.
rate 15. Norme Européenne de Télécommunication
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FOCUS: CFTC: Large Specs Slash Gold Net-Long Position Again; Short-Covering Potential Seen (2/25/2013)
(Kitco News) - Large speculators continued to slash their collective net-long position in gold during the most recent reporting week for Commodity Futures Trading Commission data, with analysts suggesting the next report could show even more retrenchment considering the weakness in prices since the cut-off date for the last report.
App.net welcomes non-paying users in a fresh twist on freemium (2/25/2013)
App.net, the social network that launched last year as a subscription-only and ad-free alternative to Twitter, will start accepting members who haven’t paid a dime. It’s an admission that, for internet ...
Net Medical Xpress CEO Says Rapid Growth of Company's Telemedicine Business Reflects Global Trends (2/25/2013)
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: NMXS) said today the rapid growth of the company's telemedicine business reflects forecasts for the industry. CEO ...
Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads (2/26/2013)
Internet users who illegally share music, movies or television shows online could soon receive warning notices from the nation's five major Internet service providers.The Copyright Alert System, organized ...
App.net Just Went From Twitter Clone To A Scale Model Of Something Much, Much More (2/25/2013)
When Dalton Caldwell launched App.net (aka ADN) in August, to the naked eye it appeared to be a clone of Twitter with the twist that users had to pay for the privilege. The service has attracted 32,000 users in those six months, heavily weighted towards developers and tech insiders. But the fact that App.net has started as a niche product belies the much more expansive vision that is behind the ...
Net Optics Pioneers Migration to 40G and Streamlines SDN Integration With New Solutions Announced at RSA Conference (2/25/2013)
Net Optics, Inc., the leading provider of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions, announce the rollout of two advanced new solutions at RSA Conference. Together, these add up to significant ...
AmSurg Reports Fourth-Quarter Net Earnings from Continuing Operations of $0.49 Per Diluted Share (2/25/2013)
Christopher A. Holden, President and Chief Executive Officer of AmSurg Corp. , today announced financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2012.
Malaysian bank CIMB's Q4 net profit drops on acquisition costs (2/25/2013)
(Corrects Q4 net profit in alert to 1.08 bln ringgit, not 4.35bln ringgit) KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 (Reuters) - CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, Southeast Asia's fifth-largest lender by assets,posted a 4.5 percent ...
Twitter rival App.net aims to extend reach with 'freemium' model (2/26/2013)
App.net, the social networking platform that launched as an ad-free alternative to Twitter, is looking to expand its user base by offering a free-account option. App.net launched last year as a paid service that offers a social feed and API (application programming interface) to developers. The service is a social network in its own right, but it also provides the back-end infrastructure to let ...
App.net's push for renewals starts with free accounts (2/25/2013)
The experimental social service eagerly hopes to attract a larger audience before early backers are asked to renew their subscriptions. Originally posted at News - Internet & Media
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