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The definition of word "messenger":
+5 rate 1. one who carries a message or goes on an errand, person employed to deliver official dispatches or go on special errands
+2 rate 2. n A messenger is someone who takes a message or documents from one person to another. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. The documents were delivered to the president by special messenger while he was on vacation. (disapproving) I'm not your messenger boy, do your own errands. (saying) ' Don't shoot the messenger (who brings bad news) ' means do not be angry with someone because they tell you something bad.
+1 rate 3. bowling A pin that comes rolling across the lane after most or all of the others have fallen.
rate 4. foaled 1780, racehorse who, though a Thoroughbred who sired many successful Thoroughbred (flat) racers, was most important as the foundation sire of the Standardbred (harness racehorse) breed. A son of Mambrino and grandson of Matchem, he was foaled in England but was taken to Philadelphia in 1788. His descendants became known for their trotting ability and his great-grandson Hambletonian is the ancestor of most modern trotters.
rate 5. Template for protein synthesis. Each set of three bases, called codons, specifies a certain protein in the sequence of amino acids that comprise the protein. The sequence of a strand of mRNA is based on the sequence of a complementary strand of DNA.
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