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The definition of word "merge":
rate 1. blend; be blended; be assimilated; combine or unite into a single body
rate 2. v to (cause to) combine or join together They decided to merge the two companies into one. The country's two biggest banks are planning to merge in order to fight off competition from abroad. The Liberals and the Social Democrats merged in 1987 to form the Liberal Democrats. Pink, blue and orange colours merged in the evening sky. After a while the narrow track merges with a wider path. Merge is also US for filter in.
rate 3. The operation that combines two partitions into a single partition.
rate 4. When two individual MIDI data streams are brought together and forwarded as a single MIDI event stream. For example, the two data streams might be from two keyboards, or a single keyboard and a foot controller, and you may wish to record the sum of the two into a sequencer.
rate 5. A unique ability of hard disk recording systems. Similar to audio bouncing, except it is not necessary to have open, available tracks. For example, in a four track system, all four tracks can be mixed to two, thus freeing up two additional tracks.
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