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The definition of word "harm":
rate 1. missile that zeroes in on and targets sources of radar waves
rate 2. damage, injury; evil, wickedness, badness; bad, wrong
rate 3. cause damage, injure
rate 4. n physical or other injury or damage Both deny conspiring to cause actual bodily harm. A mistake like that will do his credibility a lot of harm. Missing a meal once in a while never did anyone (any) harm. You could always ask Jim if they need any more staff in his office - (there's) no harm in asking (= no-one will be annoyed and you might benefit) . She meant no harm (= did not intend to offend), she was joking. Cindy had a fright when her car skidded but she came to no harm (= was not hurt) . Getting involved at this stage will do more harm than good (= be damaging rather than helpful) . Out of harm's way means in a position which is safe from harm or from which harm cannot be done. The children will be here soon - you'd better put that plate out of harm's way.
rate 5. n pity, suffering
rate 6. High-speed Anti-Radar Missile (US Military)
rate 7. High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
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Conjugation of the verb "harm":
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Expressions containing "harm":
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