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The definition of word "gust":
+1 rate 1. strong and sudden wind; burst or gush (of water, wind, etc.); emotional outburst
+1 rate 2. blow suddenly or strongly (as a gust of wind)
rate 3. anagram tugs
rate 4. anagram guts
rate 5. in meteorology, a sudden wind-speed increase of 4.6 m per second (10.3 miles per hour) or more, to a peak speed of 8 m per second (about 18 miles per hour) or more. It is briefer than a squall and usually lasts 20 seconds or less. Air turbulence around an obstacle causes gusts; they occur frequently over buildings and irregular ground and are generally absent over water. The term gust also denotes a sudden change in wind speed relative to a flying aircraft.
rate 6. n a sudden brief period of strong wind A sudden gust of wind blew his umbrella inside out. (figurative literary) She could hear gusts of laughter from within the room.
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