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The definition of word "excuse":
+2 rate 1. reason, pretext; apology
+1 rate 2. forgive; free, release; justify
rate 3. F O R G I V E (v) to forgive (someone) Please excuse me for arriving late - the bus was delayed. You'll have to excuse the interruption caused by the building work. Apologising does not excuse your awful behaviour. No amount of financial recompense can excuse the way in which the company carried out its policy. We cannot excuse him (for) these crimes. (+ two objects) May I be excused from (= allowed not to do) cricket practice? My knee still hurts. You must excuse me from (= allow me to miss) the rest of the meeting as I've just received a telephone call which requires my immediate attention. Excuse me is also US for pardon me. See at pardon. The expression excuse me is a polite way of attracting the attention, esp. of someone you don't know, and it can also be used to show respect before disagreeing with someone. Excuse me (= I would like to go past) . Excuse me, where is the theatre? Excuse me but aren't you forgetting something? The question May I be excused? is used, esp. by children, to ask permission to go to the toilet. Please may I be excused, Mr Davies?
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