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The definition of word "empty":
rate 1. remove the contents of, make empty
rate 2. containing nothing; without people; hollow, meaningless
rate 3. container devoid of contents
rate 4. v I emptied (= took out all the things inside) the closet and folding my belongings into the black overnight case. I'm sure you're carrying nothing illegal, but would you mind emptying (out) your pockets? The place emptied pretty quickly when the fight started. The motorways are expected to have emptied of holiday traffic by late evening. Empty the soup (= Remove the soup from its container and put it) into a saucepan and simmer gently for ten minutes. She quickly emptied her glass (= drank its contents) and ordered another drink. I've almost finished packing - I've just got to empty (= put the contents of) that drawer into my suitcase. If a river empties into a larger area of water, the water in the river flows into that larger area. The River Tees empties into the North Sea.
rate 5. empty beer bottle
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Conjugation of the verb "empty":
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