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The definition of word "deduction":
rate 1. subtraction, reduction, discount; conclusion; method of logical reasoning in which one uses a general rule to determine individual elements
rate 2. In logic, a type of inference or argument that purports to be valid, where a valid argument is one whose conclusion must be true if its premises are true. Deduction is thus distinguished from induction, where there is no such presumption. Valid deductive arguments may have false premises, as demonstrated by the example: "All men are mortal; Cleopatra is a man; therefore, Cleopatra is mortal." Invalid deductive arguments sometimes embody formal fallacies (i.e., errors of reasoning based on the structure of the propositions in the argument); an example is "affirming the consequent": "If A then B; B; therefore, A".
rate 3. in logic, a rigorous proof or derivation, of one statement (the conclusion) from one or more statements (the premises)i.e., a chain of statements, each of which is either a premise or a consequence of a statement occurring earlier in the proof. This usage is a generalization of what the Greek philosopher Aristotle called the syllogism, but a syllogism is now recognized as merely a special case of a deduction. Also, the traditional view that deduction proceeds from the general to the specific or from the universal to the particular has been abandoned as incorrect by most logicians. Some experts regard all valid inference as deductive in form and, for this and other reasons, reject the supposed contrast between deduction and induction.
rate 4. n Through a process of deduction (= thinking carefully about the known facts), the detectives discovered the identity of the killer. All we can do is make deductions from (= form answers by thinking carefully about) the available facts. See also deduction at deduct.
rate 5. An expense that is accounted as a reduction of gross income by the IRS when calculating a person's taxable income, e.g. charity donations.
rate 6. A method of reasoning by which one infers a conclusion from a set of sentences by employing the axioms and rules of inference for a given logical system.
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