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The definition of word "cylinder":
+2 rate 1. tube, tube-shaped figure; physical storage unit in a hard drive (Computers)
+1 rate 2. E N G I N E P A R T (n) the tube-shaped device, found esp. in an engine, inside which the part of the engine which causes the fuel to produce power moves up and down He's just bought himself a powerful new car with a six-cylinder engine. The engine isn't firing on all its cylinders.
rate 3. in mechanical engineering, chamber of an engine in which a piston moves.
rate 4. The round chamber or hole in the cylinder block that houses the pistons and where combustion takes place. Also called "bore" or "barrel."
rate 5. Any tube-like device.brake master cylinder, cylinder bore, cylinder head, cylinder sequence, cylinder sleeve, and wheel cylinder.
rate 6. Dream symbol Medium / Channel.
rate 7. The outermost lining of a hydraulic jack.
rate 8. petroleum industry the unit of an internal-combustion engine in which combustion and compression take place.
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