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The definition of word "agnostic":
rate 1. anagram coatings
rate 2. anagram coasting
rate 3. one who is unsure whether or not God exists; person who refuses to declare belief in the existence or nonexistence of God; skeptic, person who is doubting or suspicious about something
rate 4. atheistic
rate 5. n, (adj) - (someone) not knowing, or believing that it is impossible to know, whether a god exists Although he was born a Catholic, he was an agnostic for most of his adult life. Her agnostic parents completely failed to understand the depth of her religious beliefs. Compare atheist. Agnostic can also mean not knowing whether something is true or right. I'm agnostic about whether there really is a hell. She said that she was agnostic about/on the government's education policy.
rate 6. religion a person who believes that, at our present level of knowledge, we cannot know whether or not a God exists.
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