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The definition of word "EU":
rate 1. abbreviation Execution Unit
rate 2. aviation Ecuatoriana (Ecuador) - IATA: EU; ICAO: EEA
rate 3. federation of European nations which acts as a group to protect their interests
rate 4. biotechnology European Union An economic organization of 15 member states (Belgium, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, and Sweden) intended to establish European citizenship; ensure freedom, security, and justice; promote economic and social progress; and assert Europeis role in the world.
rate 5. Organization of most of the states of western Europe, formed in 1993, to oversee their economic and political integration. It was created by the Maastricht Treaty and ratified by all members of the European Community (EC), out of which the EU developed. The successful EC had made its members more receptive to greater integration and provided a framework for unified action by member countries in security and foreign policy and for cooperation in police and justice matters. In pursuit of its major goal to create a common monetary system, the EU established the euro, which replaced the national currencies of 12 of the 15 EU members in 2002. Its principal institutions are the European Community, the Council of Ministers (its forum for individual ministries), the European Commission (its administrative bureaucracy), the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice and the European Central Bank.
rate 6. Execution Unit
rate 7. Europa Island (FIPS 10-4)
rate 8. European Union
rate 9. Eurasian Oscillation
rate 10. European Union (French: Union Européenne (Europe)
rate 11. Eu Europium (Chimie))
rate 12. End User
rate 13. Execution Unit Unidad de Ejecución
rate 14. End Use
rate 15. Execution Unit
rate 16. European Union (Europe)
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